Chemical Foaming (CFA) Tooling division

Chemical foaming (CFA) tooling Division

RPS provides a low-pressure high strength  production option to the packaging, agricultural,  consumer and transportation segments. Our team  has several technologies that will help light weight  your molded component, while providing additional  part strength. 

This technology allows RPS to provide production  aluminum tooling which will lower the capital cost of  your project over a traditional high-cost steel mold.  Other advantages include a piece price savings by lessening the amount of resin required in your part  and a tonnage reduction on your production molding  machine. Proceeding with an aluminum production  mold also produces a much faster build plan and gets  you molding parts quicker.  

Our engineers are available for feasibility reviews and  product optimization for CFA. We can optimize your  CAD model for you to take advantage of CFA on your  next project.


Please let us know how we can assist with your project by connecting with one of our technical representatives.

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