How the Plastic Injection Molding Technique is Used to Make Products and Parts

Jan 4, 2021

You can find various plastic products that are likely made using an injection molding technique

Injection molding is a manufacturing technique that is used to mold and create plastic materials and products. This technique is widely used by manufacturers for the production of plastic items, from toys to medical equipment. The automotive and aerospace industries also use products and parts that are made using plastic injection molding. 

Over the years, the injection molding industry has changed. The industry has seen more change in recent years, including faster production time and faster time to market. 

Plastic Injection Molding Process 

Although plastic injection molding is a straightforward process, a number of complex steps are involved to create the finished product. The six main steps involve the following: 

  • Clamping: The clamp unit is made of metal plates. The process starts by clamping the mold together under pressure, so that it accommodates the injection and the cooling processes.
  • Injection: In this step, the molten thermoplastic material that has been melted in the barrel of the machine is injected into the mold under pressure using either a ramming device or a screw. 
  • Dwelling: Once the mold is filled with the molten plastic liquid, additional pressure is exerted using mechanical or hydraulic pressure to ensure all the mold’s cavities are completely filled. 
  • Cooling: In the cooling process, the plastic is left within the mold to cool down and solidify. 
  • Opening: The detachable plate is removed from the fixed plate in order to separate the mold. 
  • Ejection: Once the molten plastic is completely dried, it is ejected from the mold using a plate, rods, or an air blast. 

The plastic injection molding technique is fast and designed to quickly produce bulk quantities of plastic products. Additionally, with new development, today’s manufacturers are replacing metals with high-performance plastics that are capable of withstanding high temperatures. 

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