Rapid Part Solutions

Rapid Part Solutions

Understanding that lead times are shorter than ever, our team is built around high mix,  low volume, and quick-change overs. We support our customers by developing highly  engineered solutions in rapid fashion. Our engineering team is onsite to support early  feasibility and development to allow for a seamless transition from cad to part.  

We know now more than ever time is of the essence. With program timelines faster than  ever, we know when it comes to your prototype needs there is no time for error or delays.  RPS has optimized all its manufacturing processes to streamline getting parts into your  hands.  

We have a rapid solutions division for parts made overnight when time is critical. Whether  you are looking for a one-off 3D printed part for an engineering review or a quick  turnaround of 30 pieces for validation purposes, our Rapid Part Solutions division has a  solution for you.  

Rapid Specialties Include: 

  • 3D printing small to large-scale components; including leading industry crystal clear optical components. 
  • Silicone tooling with cast urethane components; including assembly as well as multi shot.
  • CNC master cut models from ren, polymer, aluminum, or foam block.
  • Assembly bridge nesting including ren, thermoplastic, hardwood and foam. 
  • Blue light scanning and quick dimensional reviews; include reverse engineering and cad development.
  • Holding fixtures including seating bucks, and rework nest.
  • Rework support and assembly support for low and high volume.
  • Development of vibration, hot-plate, and sonic welding plant aids, including end of arm tools and workstations. 


Please let us know how we can assist with your project by connecting with one of our technical representatives.

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